Saturday, July 18, 2009

What does THAT mean?

While I was down in Texas this last time, I had all kinds of really vivid dreams. I was telling my friend, Laura, about one of them and she looked it up on this dream website.

The dream I told her was about me living in a house with Spencer's ex wife. (which is weird...WHY would I want to live with my boyfriend's ex wife?) I was giving my mom a tour around the house (Which is also weird, since my mom died in 1997) and I was complaining to my mom that I didn't understand why my boys had to share a room in this HUGE house when there were several unused spare bedrooms... plus Spencer's kids each had a bedroom and a playroom each. One of the rooms I took my mom into was Jessica's study that was lined with books. I did this to show her that there was lots of extra room in the house.

From this dream analysis site, Laura told me that every aspect is part of yourself in one way or another.
Having a conversation with your mother means you are working on understanding a conflict.
A mate's ex means you are trying not to make the same mistakes that ended their relationship.
A house means your soul and yourself.
A new house means you are identifying new strengths or positions on something.
A bedroom means that you have an aspect that you want to keep private.
A bookshelf means you need to gain knowledge before making a decision.
So...basically I have a conflict that I am trying to work through but I need more knowledge before making a decision.
Weird how our psyche works...

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