Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yes...I DO have something to prove!

Day 3 - Motorcycle Trip to the Smoky Mountains

We headed out early this morning. Deal's Gap was our destination. Deal's Gap is a motorcycle haven...it is called "The Dragon". It is 318 curves in 11 miles. THIS was our ultimate destination. We rode down the gap and I didn't have a panic attack...in fact, I really enjoyed it! I was ready to go again, but Spencer had other venues he wanted me to see.

We headed up the Cherohala Skyway in North Carolina. I hadn't ever been up in the Smokey Mountains before. The views are breathtaking. When we reached the crest, we stopped for some pictures...and this is what we saw.

Rolls of thunder bounced off of the outlying peaks. NOT something you want to see OR hear while riding a motorcycle. So, we donned our rain gear. Rain gear, I have to tell you, is like a fair-weather friend. (no pun intended) It will keep you dry, but it is not easy to put on and it is not comfortable.

But as we rode down the mountain, the rain was worth it for this is what we saw:
(THAT'S why they are called the Smoky Mountains!!)

But did we stop there?? Oh, no! (You see...there were some male friends of Spencer's that made a comment before we left about me not even making it out of Arkansas on the back of the bike...and I had something to prove) SO when Spencer asked me if I was done because of the rain or if I wanted to ride on to Gatlinburg...I said, "Let's go!"

I guess I should have asked "How far is that?" or even "In this rain?" but my brain was disoriented by the thrill of riding. (I don't have any pictures to even prove that I went to Gatlinburg ~you'll just have to take my word for it)

We did come across a shack of a house that was selling boiled peanuts... Over the years of traveling to S. Carolina I have grown to like them quite well ...and I have learned that the more rundown the place looks, for some reason, the better the boiled peanuts...and this place did not let me down. I do, however, think the guy that lived in that shack thought I was crazy because I had the headset in my helmet and I was holding a conversation with Spencer, but it went kinda like this:

Me: (to the shack guy) One thing of boiled peanuts.
Me:(to Spencer) Pork rines? No...I don't want pork rinds. Do you want pork rinds?
Me: (to the shack guy) How much?
Me: (to Spencer) What did you say? Jelly?
Me: (to the shack guy) What did you say?
Me: (to Spencer) What?? Just wait till I'm done.
Me: (to shack guy) What?? Oh. Okay...$2.75. Thanks.

We rode on in the horrible rain. By the time we arrived at Gatlinburg, our feet were wet (the waterproof boots turned out to NOT be waterproof) and EVERY inch of us was dripping. We ate a horrible steak dinner at a pub that said "Motorcyclists welcome". The folks there were very accommodating, however, considering we walked in like dripping rats. As soon as we were done eating, we rode back in the horrible rain.

So what did I learn? If you are on a motorcycle and it is raining and you are given the option of NOT being in the rain ~ STOP!

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  1. Aren't you cute in your helmet! And I love boiled peanuts. Or I think I do. It's been a while!


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