Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bumpity, bump, bumps

We took Sam back to the dermatologist on Thursday. I'm SOOOO glad I went this time! I was able to ask questions and get info, I just didn't feel comfortable getting second-hand.

I got the actual name of his condition, which is Molluscum Contagiosum, and after much research feel sooooo much better about my little boy's condition. I know know that it is not uncommon at all. In fact, I guess, most of us have been exposed to it somewhere in our childhoods, which is why Colby, my other son, is susceptible to catching it and I am not.
It is passed on through skin-to-skin contact. So the boys can not take baths together any more, or wrestle around with shirts off ~you know things that brothers do.

The dermatologist also explained that you could think of each bump like a pimple or chicken pox~ it has a head to it and once that head is removed then the sore can heal. The problem is getting the head removed before it spreads to make a new head.

Sam's bumps have started to spread up under his armpit and onto his back.

Now that I have a better understanding of this virus, I don't feel so bad about treating it. I realize that we have to be proactive and aggressive to get rid of it. We are applying the medicine only to the bump heads themselves and this is keeping the area of soreness down to a minimum. The Dermatologist also said it would be okay to limit Sam's dosage to every other day, which made me very happy.

Thanks to all the thoughts and prayers everyone has been sending...just want my son well!

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