Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nothing funny going on here

When you hear "Here titty. Here titty-titty. Titty you have milk in your brains. Titty power! Titties Titties you are in the water. My brain is not a super power. Weeeeeeee! Yeah, High five!" coming from the other room where my two boys play, please think nothing of it.

I can't help it that my boys have crazy wild imaginations...oh and the Titty part is just because Sam can't say the K sound. All innocent I tell you.

Now...when they get quiet, that's when you should worry.


  1. My daughter used to call our cat "Titty" too. I enjoyed laughing at it too much to correct her.

  2., we don't have a cat. Which makes it that MUCH funnier. My older son was pretending to be the cat.


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