Sunday, July 26, 2009

I will survive! ~or~ Since when do I become bird bait?

Day 1 - Trip to the Smokey Mountains
We started out not in a rush. (I think it was Spencer's way of slowly breaking me in.)

We stayed off major roads and took as many back curvy roads from Alma, AR to Hardy, AR as Spencer could locate. We rode through the Boston Mountains (for those of you that don't know...those are in Arkansas.)

I quickly learned how much I could affect what the bike was doing... and I kept from doing that as much as possible!
During one stretch of road, two buzzards sat in the road eating their afternoon meal. As we came upon them, they both took flight ~ one flew off to the left, the other flew straight for us. Even though we had our communicators on, Spencer didn't say anything; he just ducked his head. At the last second, I saw buzzard claws coming right at me! I ducked right behind Spencer. I don't think being decapitated on day one would have been a fun way to start out the trip!

There were some curves that we came around that you could come back and kiss yourself . (Yes, they were that tight!)

By 2pm, we were out of gas and hungry. We stopped in the little town of Mt. Judea, AR. This was the gas station in the "center" of town.

When we asked to use their restroom, we were sent across the street to this house. Inside (of all things) was a tanning bed... and an "out of order" restroom sign.

But we did enjoy a nice lunch at the cafe there. It was a quaint little place where they don't write you a ticket, they just expect you to be honest and tell them what you ate when you come up to pay and where all the local hometown kids are allowed to make their own sundaes.
After watching everyone in this town come and go on their 4-wheelers we decided to head on our way.

We stopped for the day in Hardy, AR at Spencer's Aunt Liz's house. Liz & Denny were very hospitable and allowed us to sleep in the most comfortable bed ever made! Along with that, they had the most gorgeous view of the lake off their back porch. What a great ending to a first day!


  1. EEK! Did you get a picture of that buzzard as it flew at you? No? Well why not? :)

  2. I know I am talented...but NOT that talented! lol


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