Monday, February 9, 2009

People can be nice

Tonight I quickly ran into the grocery store with the boys. They both need snacks for their Valentine's Day parties and I knew this week would be hectic, so I decided to get it out of the way.
Of course, things can never be that simple for me. We get in there and I start to realize, "Oh I don't have this, and I need to grab that..." $65 later we are finished.
We head out to the car. I begin to dig around for my keys...Where are my keys??!!
I peek inside the window. There they are... in the ignition - A terrible habit I have, mind you...which is why I ALWAYS keep a spare set in my purse. I begin to dig. Nothing. I then remember I had switched purses before going out the other night and had faithfully transferred the spare key. UUGGGHHH!!!!
I pull out my cell and call my ex in-laws knowing they have a key. My ex says he will bring it, but it might be a while. The boys are beginning to complain that they are cold. All along, while I am trying to juggle keeping the boys safe in a parking lot and being frustrated at myself, a couple next to me loads their groceries into their car. After I get off the phone with my ex, I tell the boys that I guess we will go sit inside where it is warm.
As I turn my grocery cart around and head back to the store with the boys, the gentleman from the car beside me comes running up from behind. "Is there anything I can do to help?" he asks. "No. We'll be fine. We have someone coming to bring us a key."
"Can I drive somewhere to go pick up that spare key for you? Really! I don't mind."
"Thanks for the offer, but he will be here soon."

I know it shouldn't seem so strange to me that a person would be willing to help another person out...but this man had no idea where he might be having to drive to get this key and he definitely didn't know me from Adam...yet he was willing.
Maybe he could hear the frustration (or desperation) in my voice...maybe I looked like I really did need to be rescued...whatever the reason, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that there really are good folks still out there.

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