Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dawn needs...

On Facebook today a friend suggested I do this... so I figured, who better than google to tell me what I knows everything else, right?

What you do is go to and do a search. Type in your first name and the word "needs" after it.

This was what I got under my search:

Dawn needs a tripod.
Dawn needs a headcount before Thursday of this week, so sign up quick!
Dawn needs an energetic and fun style to suit her personality. (I already have this! :)
Dawn needs money ... (who doesn't??!!)
Dawn needs to be as mature as Buffy was once she started slaying ...
Dawn needs to get over herself. (never been accused of that before!)
Dawn needs to be on TV Land.
Dawn needs a hug.
Dawn needs all the healing energy she can get on her side.
Dawn needs a vocalist.
Dawn needs a serious, creative, and committed guitar player.
Dawn needs your help.
Dawn needs your vote.
Dawn needs to go!
Dawn needs to live.
Dawn needs to make it discreet.
Dawn needs a bang & some make-up. (ha! ha!)
Dawn needs to develop more speed endurance.
Dawn needs to wake up and realize that he will one day leave her and then she will never have anyone that will treat her as good as him.
Dawn needs to to give it up and just focus ...
Dawn needs you. She loves you.

See...Google does know what is talking about...except for the vocalist and the guitar player bits...not planning on starting a band any time soon! LOL

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