Sunday, February 22, 2009

My trip across Texas ~or~ 1600 miles should do me for a while

I don't know why, but I have always like to pile together things that normal people would separate with time as much as possible, like:

*In a week's time (back in May of '99), I interviewed for a job, got it, closed on our house, moved into our house, got married, and graduated from college.


*Again in a week's time(in May '03), celebrated Colby's 2nd birthday, closed on a house, moved into our new house, and gave birth to Sam.

I'm going to tell you that I did not have any life changing events happen this weekend...want to set some people's minds at ease before I even start my story...I know some of you are already out there talking marriage for me...well, I can tell you I am not there yet! Not even close!

What I am alluding to is that the distances I traveled this weekend (1600 miles to be exact) are probably NOT distances most would set about on to cover in 2 and a half days...but I figure, you only live once, right?

So this weekend, when Spencer needed to travel to New Braunfels, TX (which is a 7 hour drive one way from him in Kilgore, TX), I thought, "Well, he shouldn't have to do that alone." So I drove 7 hours down to him, jumped into his truck, and we drove another 4 hours to his friends, Mike & Maggie's house in Missouri City, TX to spend the night.

Mike and Maggie are a great couple! They are from Canada (which we won't hold against them ~ They know I am joking!! :) They have a one year old son, Bryce, who is sooo freakin' cute! And they have a gorgeous house that they were kind enough to allow us to crash at.

We had plans to get up and head out fairly early to New Braunfels, but this changed when Mike talked Spencer into riding their motorcycles the rest of the way. So the guys unloaded Spencer's bike, fiddled around with it, only to come inside and look at the radar and see storms coming. So then they loaded it back into Spencer's truck, just before it decided to downpour. Maggie and I joked that we knew this was going to be the result all along...we just had to let the boys realize it for themselves. ha!

So we ended up leaving around 1:30 instead of like10:30. This put us into New Braunfels at 4:30 just before the Aprilia shop closed. (the whole reason for going!)

After dropping Spencer's bike off at the Aprilia shop, we stopped at the Faust hotel. Spencer had stayed there before and had told me about it. We thought we would just walk inside and look around, boy, were we wrong! We walked inside the brewery/bar. A well-suited middle aged gentleman greeted us. Spencer asked if we could just walk upstairs to look around. He said the it was against hotel policy...BUT that he would be more than happy to show us around! A half an hour of stories later, we left knowing everything about the Faust, this gentleman's life and all of his "big name" connections. (Did I mention he turned out to be the PR guy for the hotel?? Go figure, right?)

We then separated from Mike, Maggie, & Bryce and headed to the BIGGEST outlet mall I have ever been too! There were trees filled with birds. It was eerily creepy! Like out of some movie...which is why I think I got lost...I'll save that story for the next posting... I have traveled 1600 miles this weekend and I need to head to bed!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! :) I hope you're considering a new car so we don't have to worry about you making it to TX and back!

  2. I am...have to finish with the house refinance first...then we'll see. Surprisingly enough though my old little car got 30 miles to the gallon this weekend...not bad if I do say so myself :)


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