Thursday, February 26, 2009

Found: 33 white woman...answers to the name of Dawn here it goes. I promised you I would tell you about getting lost.
Let me start out by saying that I am horrible with verbal directions! Write it down for me and I will look at it 50 times before I arrive there. Take me there and I will be able to get there 10 years from now.

With that being said, Spencer and I went shopping at the outlet mall in San Marcos. This mall is HUGE! It has 140 outlet stores! With that being said, we parked and started to walk to stores. However, it was a chilly night for (what I would consider) Texas standards, and so, in turn, we kept having to move the truck so we wouldn't freeze. (okay we really weren't going to freeze...but who wants to walk around when its cold...really?)
Well...we had been looking for the Polo store and again we needed to move the truck (this was about the 5th time). So, Spencer said why don't you go on to the Polo store and I'll move the truck and meet you there. We asked for directions. The sales lady told us it was about 5 stores down. (See...this is where everything went horribly wrong) When the sales lady said 5 stores down, I thought she meant to the south. She was meaning across the street and 5 stores to the east. (I told you - this place is HUGE!)
Somehow, Spencer knew what she meant...I did not(even though at the time I didn't know, I didn't know)
So, Spencer says, "I'll meet you there."
"Okay." I head 5 stores to the south. No Polo store. I walk back, thinking I missed it. No Polo Store. I walk back south again going farther than 5 stores. No Polo store.

I reach into my purse to call Spencer to tell him that sales woman did not know what she was talking about. No phone....I then remember that after the last call I made, I had laid it in the console of Spencer's truck.

I panic! I don't know any one's phone #'s any more - they are all programed into my phone. I don't know the last names of the people we are staying with. I can't find Polo and I have NO idea where Spencer (my only transportation) is!

I started by going back to stand in front of the store where we asked for directions. (This is what my Mom always told us to do as kids.) I can honestly I was too panicky - I didn't stand there for long. I then went walked across the street (east) and down a few stores (south) and asked for directions to Polo again. "Oh. you're close, but you're not there yet. Go back (north) and then to the left (east)" As I came sprinting out of that store I see Spencer headed back to where he last left me. I hollered at him.
"Where have you been??? Why didn't you answer your phone or my texts?" he asked.
"I was lost...and I forgot my phone in your truck."

Needless to say, we weren't in the mood to shop after that. I can honestly say that I have lost my child before and I was scared...but nothing like I was when I was lost and didn't feel like I had any way of finding someone I knew.

Henry David Thoreau said, "Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves."
I understand myself completely now...I don't like to be lost!!!

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