Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goin' a little buggy

It was warm out today... and after a cold winter stint I love to open the windows and allow the fresh spring breeze to blow through. It also prompts me to want to clean out closets...I guess I am one of those "spring cleaners".

Problem is, is that I always have to make a mess before it actually seems clean to me. And with kids, it seems like I get the mess made (of pulling everything out) and not always do I get the job done that day. So...then it sits a mess until I have another "spring cleaning" fit. This kind of drives me batty!

Back in college I used to clean houses. My mom laughed the first house cleaning job I ever got. (She had seen my room all through high school - lol) But cleaning houses was one of those jobs that you could go, do it, and be back in just a couple of hours...that and it paid cash! I guess I liked that, the finality of it. Quick. easy. done.

I wouldn't say that I was "the best", but I was pretty darn good. Anything that my employers would ask me to clean, I would clean. Cause there is something about leaving a clean house. The last house cleaning job I had, I had to quit. Their house was infested with ladybugs. Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "Ahhh, what's wrong with a few measly ladybugs, they're cute." Right? WRONG!

Ladybugs stink to high heaven!

If you don't believe me, try vacuuming a few hundred of them up and see what your house smells like. (Trust me I did, and it stinks!) Or if you ever have held one in you hand or tried to smash one and you get yellow goop on your hands, it is actually the ladybug releasing a little bit of their blood (YUCK!! - that stinks) trying to ward you off as a predator.

I don't want to be considered a ladybug predator. I just want to have a clean house...a clean ladybug-free house.

So...when I saw one on my screen today...I hope the neighbors didn't think I was crazy as I yelled, "GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!" as I flicked it off my screen.

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  1. I've never smelled a ladybug. I wonder how a house gets infested. Yuck!


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