Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shining down some love

I have to say I am always thankful for the love from other bloggers... whether it be comments or awards.
With that being said, I sometimes receive awards and then do a horrible job of "passing" them on.
Thanks to Coffee Lovin Mom and Angela over at The Next Stage for the Sunshine Award.

This award is given to someone who brightens your day.
I'm passing this one on to these gals... who always make me laugh!!

Charisse & Holly over at Life Laugh Latte

Thank you also to SoccerMom for the I love YOU award!

This award is given to people whose blog you LOVE!

And this lady I def. looooooove!! :)

ck over at Bad Mommy Moments

Thank you to Second Chance Moon for the Versitile Blogger award!!

Webster's Dictionary defines versatile as 'turning with ease from one thing to another'.
My life doesn't elude to anything but the absolute need for being versatile!! So thanks Second Chance for noticing!

And here's some folks that have a wonderful balance between the crazy and mundane... and just keep blogging.
cfoxes33 at See Foxes?

Thanks again to everyone who is sharing the love with me!!!
I will try to do a better job in the future of 'sharing the love'!


  1. Thanks man for the LOVE!
    Your awesome.

  2. Thank you for the sweet award. We proudly accept. We will finally have a new vlog post on Monday. The darned NEW camera we bought is giving us fits. May have to go back to the old vid cam. In the Fall we'll be back in full swing...whatever that may look like:) Have a wonderful day. Holly


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