Monday, August 16, 2010

A post about the pictures in my classroom...I think??

Wow... Nothing like posting every day in the month of July and then BAM!
School's back in session (or soon to be)
...and all the things I want to say and blog about have to be stored in my brain... which is not a very safe place for those things to be kept. (I have a horrible short term memory)

Which is why I, as a teacher, use more than my fair share of post it notes.... seriously... Like I should take stock in the suckers!!

I also think that is why I like post it note Tuesdays so much... cause most of the time I live my life on a post it note anyways, so why not in the virtual world as well???

Anywho... funny how my brain goes off like that...

I sat down to share pics of my classroom. (since so many of you commented that you would like to see them... Thanks for that!) ...and some how I get off on my lack of short-term memory.

See??? It's my short term memory that is causing that... or adult A.D.D. (which I probably suffer from as well) I know it's the adult form cause as a kid I was very focused... at least I think I was... I mean, I know I was a very good student! Now I am scared to take a class for the fact that I know I can't sit for more than like 15 minutes. It's a good thing I'm in charge of my own classroom. I can change the pace or topic as needed.

Focus...focus Dawn!

Yes, at the beginning of school I do so much organizing (so I don't feel scattered) that brain-wise it makes me feel scattered. Does that make sense to anyone?

I think this all spawns from me staying up late and sleeping in all summer and now having to force myself to bed at night and then force myself awake in the morning. No more sleeping till my body is done.

Speaking of which, I need to go to bed. I have to be there at 7:30 in the morning.
Oh... Here's the pics.

I painted it myself :)

Really!! I'm not normally this scattered...
okay... I can't really back that up.


  1. Ah, cute. I miss the days of getting the room ready, but my bank account does not!

  2. I love it! What grade? I teach 4th. I'm always crazy about organizing my classroom as wel.. And the bathtub is out of control cute. The kids must LOVE that!


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