Monday, August 9, 2010

Nothing endures but change

Seasons change
The wind changes
You can have a change of address

...But the hardest is a change of heart

I thought things were going well.
He was into me.
I was trying to accept that.

About a week ago, I did.

Then things changed.

He stopped texting as much.
I attested it to him working from sun up to sun down in this heat.
I (once again) ignored that little voice inside me that said, "Something's not right."

Actually that's a lie.
I didn't ignore it.
I heard it and wished for it to go away and then I continued down the path of 'Everything's Great'.

Since our dinner the other night, I have texted him twice. He responded.
You may not think this is strange, but for the past 3 weeks he texted me every free second he got.
So to only hear from him twice in 3 days... and those 2 times only be in response to questions I asked, speaks volumes!!!

Yesterday morning I texted and asked him what he had planned for the day. He responded.
I said, "Oh. I was hoping to see you today. That is, unless, you don't want to see me??"

Silence speaks volumes.

Guess it is time to change things up, huh?


  1. Okay, that sucks. I hope your gut feeling is wrong.

  2. Maybe he got "spooked" after the family dinner.

  3. You know how you were saying even though things were going great, you were feeling the urge to run? Maybe he's feeling the same. If it's that good, don't give up yet. :/

  4. that sucks, men can be such jackasses!

    I do know that they are all about the chase game.
    Life/relationships should be a game, but it seems that is how men like it.

    I am so sorry. I would just not talk to him again and keep looking.

  5. I ment life should NOT be a game.
    SO dont waste your time on a man who doesnt give 100% to you. : )

  6. Oh crap. Did you sense anything when you were all together with kids? Maybe he got freaked out? Good luck. That blows.

  7. Thanks everyone!! I'm taking this as a learning experience and hoping it pays off in the future.

    Dumbest Smart Girl, Even when I had the urge to run, I still responded to every text...

    Second Chance, He didn't kiss me good night that night, but we had all of the kids around us... so I really didn't think much of it at the time.

  8. Dang it...I hate that for you. I just ended something very similar. It hurts! Just know that there is someone out there (read: me) going through the same thing...hope that gives you a little comfort.


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