Friday, August 6, 2010

Just what the doctor ordered

Last night
I had my new guy, E., and his daughter over to my house for dinner with my boys and me. It was the first time that all five of us were together. I couldn't have imagined it better!

Dinner went without a hitch (even though I was late getting it started.)
E's daughter knows my boys from school and from their little league ball games so they played really well together.

Surprisingly, Sam warmed up quickly. I mean, like talking to E within 15 minutes of him arriving! This is a monumental thing! For those of you that don't know my son, he doesn't grace everyone with the presence of his speech. If he doesn't know you (or doesn't want to get to know you), he won't talk to you. It doesn't matter if you directly ask him a question, he just hides his face or turns away (or just down right IGNORES you). So I was tickled pink by the fact that E asked who was winning the game they were all playing, and Sam turned and answered.

After supper, we all played kick ball together. When the heat got to us (and we decided that may not have been the smartest idea right after eating), we headed back inside. The kiddos played tag and E & I sat and talked and enjoyed our time together.

When they left, I was on cloud 9.

I had my yearly check up and physical today.
Let me just tell you how much I hate loathe could do without those.
(I have been known to skip them in the past... Now, now, don't get all preachy on me about it!! My RL friends do a fine job of that.)
My purpose of actually making my yearly appointment this time around was because of my hearing. I had started to notice that when there was a lot of background noise, I had a hard time always hearing the conversation in front of me.

First of all, let me say that I am only going to be 35 this year!
Second of all, I have always had excellent hearing!
So, needless to say, I was more than a little freaked out!!

So, I mention it to my doc.
She looks in my ears.
Right~okey dokey!
Left~"It's got a little wax, let's flush it." she says.

After flushing my ear (and yes, it does feel like the worst case of swimmer's ear you can imagine!), doc checked again.

"Hmmmm... I still see some wax. Let me see if I can get it with these tweezers, if not, we will flush it again."

I don't know what shocked me more... the pain or seeing the amount of wax that came out!! Seriously, it was almost the size of a marble!

Doc said, "I bet you'll be able to hear better now!"

I was appreciative and wanted to take her down (due to the pain she had inflicted upon me) all in one.
I decided it was best to tell her "That REALLY hurt! But thanks!"

So... I guess, I the weekend can come now... I'm mentally and physically well!

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  1. Someone we know and love (and I swear it's not me) went to get his ears flushed out and the doctor actually said, "Good God!"


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