Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silence is deafening

So I don't like to sit and wonder... and not knowing why I hadn't heard from the new guy was driving me crazy.

I thought about texting him a piece of my mind...
but then I thought, "What good would that do?? I still wouldn't have any answers."

So I texted him, "So can you tell me what happened?"

I felt like this was a non-pressuring question that didn't make me sound desperate.

He responded with "Nothing. Just super busy"

That didn't sit well with me... in this world of technology, it's not like you have to pull out a well of ink and then pony back a letter to communicate. A text to let someone you are thinking of them takes seconds.

So I said, "What does that mean?? You are too busy to have a relationship right now? Just be honest."

He responded with, "I don't think that's it. Just working a lot. I don't know."

Had he not ended it with 'I don't know', I might have felt bad for my brunt approach.

So I told him no one could figure it out for him and that it does just takes seconds to text... but I also told him thanks for the past month, that it was fun.

He responded with, "I had fun too. I really don't have the time you deserve."

His comment was sweet, I'll give him that.

Which doesn't surprise me any... he was a very sweet guy.

Which is why I am sad it is actually over.

But I am thankful for the closure... no longer sitting... being driven insane by the silence.

yeah... closure is good.

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