Saturday, August 28, 2010

Don't Label me

Maybe I should take someone with me when I go shopping...
I mean, I'm not really not a great shopper.

I get frustrated if I'm out looking for a certain something and all of my finds make me have major flashbacks to styles I don't care to relive.

So, when I do find something that I find cute, I want to wear it the very next day!

But normally when I do find that cute something, I'm shopping by myself and there is always that little hint of doubt that tells me that my cute find is only cute in my brain.

That is how I felt when I bought this dress.

I got it at Target... it was on the sale rack (even better) and I was tickled with my find!

The next morning, when I showed my sons, Colby just raved. (Yes, they are my fashion consultants, don't judge... 5 & 7 year old boys are brutally honest!)

Then I cut off the tags ... and that is when I saw this:

Yeah... I freakin' bought a maternity dress!!

I didn't have time to change... so I wore it (being MORE than a little self conscious!)

I got raves on it all day.

Finally at then end of the day, I asked my friend Laura (because she,too, is brutally honest) if she thought it looked like a maternity dress.

"No. It's so cute! Why?"
"Because it is!!!!!"

Laura had a good laugh and then had to go down the hall sharing my stupidity.

yeah...Maybe I should take someone with me when I go shopping...


  1. Hey, I think if it doesn't look like a maternity dress, you should just wear it. I think it's adorable.

  2. That is hilarious! And it is a darling dress that you look fabulous in. But that is darn funny. Sadly, a very similar thing happened to Robyn. At Target! But it was a maternity sweater. Let's blame Target!

  3. Stumbled across your blog, and this post alone made me add you to my favorites. I would have freaked, but since you are so skinny, who will know?



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