Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bitten by the... dare I say it??

So... I'm dating someone.
(insert giddy grin here)

So...remember back about a month and a half ago when I was trying to convince myself that the spark didn't need to be there for things to work out with me and a guy?

Yeah... well, I was just lying to myself... and, I guess, to you for that matter.
Because the spark is HUGE!

After I broke it off with the nice, but no spark guy... my neighbor (who I had a HUGE spark with, but I had decided NOT to go there) decided that he would pursue me big time.

I resisted.
Really, I did.
I told him about my wall... and that I was a runner...
He kinda reminded me of Spencer (my ex-boyfriend) and I was fearful.
Fearful of getting hurt again.
So I was honest with him. (Being neighbors we had already kinda shared things like this)
Every day since, he has made it his mission to prove he is not Spencer.

The one thing that has been the most different so far is that he is pursuing me.
I have never had that.
I always pursued the guy... if I liked a guy I just hoped that he liked me just as much.
Ty tells me everyday that he is thankful for me and me being part of his life.
Things have just fallen into place for us and it's comfortable.

I hadn't written anything before because I was afraid I might jinx myself.
I mean... things are just going TOO good and I didn't want to rock the boat by being too happy about it. (I know, stupid, right?)
We have done the "tell the kids" things and now we are starting to meet each other's family/ important people.

It's kinda strange for me... I haven't had "someone" that was MY "someone" for a long time. I really had started to give up on it... But I'm so happy that he found me and didn't give up on pursuing.

So yeah... I'm extremely happy!
Don't mind me... I'll just sit over here with a goofy grin on my face... cause I'm pretty sure I've been bitten.

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