Sunday, September 23, 2012

You get what you pay for, right??

I have become a HUGE fan of
I love trying new places, but more than anything, I love a good deal!
Always have.

So, earlier in the year, I purchased a Groupon for $32 for a $329 picture package for a family picture.
The boys and I haven't had professional family pictures in several years.
I just couldn't justify it... because I have a nice camera.

But, I also, couldn't pass up the great deal.

But see... I'm kinda a procrastinator.
So... here I was at the end of August with my great deal and an expiration date looming.

So, I call to make an appointment.
The photographer told me that she didn't have any openings before the expiration, but that she would honor the coupon. (YAY!)

The day came for our photo shoot... Colby wakes up with a fever. (of course)
I read the fine print and it says you have to cancel with a 24 hour notice.
I consider calling, but I decide we are gonna tough it out.
(I also considered calling because I hadn't heard from her, but I didn't want to seem too OCD.)

So that afternoon, I leave directly from work, race to pick Sam up from school, race to pick Colby up from his dad, make them change clothes, and race to the meeting spot. (We were taking pictures on location.)

We were to meet at 5:30. We arrived at 5:20. We wait... and we wait.
Finally at 5:40 I call and say, "Um... hi ______Photograhpy. This is Dawn. Am I at the wrong meeting spot?"
There is a pause.
Then, "Who's this? I don't have anyone on my calendar today."


Well... let me just tell you... the boys and I don't dress up for nothing and since the photographer was an hour away, she rescheduled... and we headed home.

But then I stopped.
I couldn't do it.

I turned the car around and headed to a location I knew about...
and we had our own photo shoot.

Not bad for doing it myself, huh?


  1. I can't imagine the professional could do any better. Those are wonderful pictures! You did an awesome job. Helps that you had great subjects to work with! ;)

  2. Hi, I blog stalk you, but haven't written before. Just wanted to say thanks for reminding me to make the appointment for our family photos!


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