Monday, May 14, 2012

It has come too fast... and not fast enough

Today was the last Monday of the school year for us.
This time of year is always crazy... too  many things to do and not enough time.
But this time of year always saddens me.
Especially this year.
I have had an awesome group of kids this year!
Sure, there are those that grind on your nerves and that push the limits...
But overall, this group has had an amazing sense of humor ...they can tell a joke and understand my sarcasm.
... and I will miss them dearly.

You see... This is the type of group you want a student teacher to experience.
But I have felt cheated... cheated that I didn't get more time with these wonderful kids.

So the end of this week is coming too fast.

But, in the same sense, some of the other adults I work with are doing their best to remind me that I'm not part of "that group" again.

It amazes me how they can continue to find new all time lows... this time being that they went out and bought supplies on the school's credit card for all the third grade classes to make volcanoes except for mine.

When I ask where my supplies are, they respond with, "Oh. We didn't think you wanted them" (when *I* was the one that brought it up at last week's meeting)

I have learned to just walk away pretending that it doesn't bother me.
...but it does.
It really, really does.


  1. I was just telling my dad it's so much easier when I can shut my door and teach. Although not being part of a group really stinks.

    1. It is easier to just teach. I am part of a group... they all have just moved to other grade-levels because of the mean girls.

  2. Ah Dawn,

    I'm sad for you - why are some women like that (petty, mean, insecure & just down right malicious), I don't understand:(. You know they behave like that because they are jealous of you; jealous of your awesomeness, of your bond with the children you teach, of your creativity, of the fact you stand up to them.

    They behave that way because they feel threatened by you and all that you are. You are a better person than me, I ink I would have snapped by now and descended into immature name calling, telling them just how petty and insignificant they all are as individuals. I'd probably stoop lower than that and following them around making sheep noises like a woman deranged too.

    When I have my next coffee I'll imagine we're having one together and a really long chat about it. I'll be the one saying all the funny stuff - probably doing some acting out too because there is no stopping me when I take the moral high ground - trying to make you laugh.

    Chin up lovely x

    1. Oh... Natasha, I love pretend having coffee with you! One day I hope we can do it in real life. :)

      Imagining you making sheep noises DOES make me laugh. I secretly did it in my head every time I saw them today. It did make me feel better. :)

      Thank you always for all of your kind and encouraging words!


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