Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Well played.

She stopped by to see him.
She hadn't seen him in a while... not since they had been together... and she had slipped out in the middle of the night.
She didn't do it to upset him... she did it because she was confused.
Her slipping out confused him as well... something she couldn't explain though.
It's not that she hadn't wanted to see him.
She did... but it was just easier that way.

So here she was, months later, stopping in to see him at his work.
While she waited for his secretary to send her in, she held polite conversation with the people in his office, ones she had met during drinks months before.
She wondered if any one knew about her and him.
She hoped not.

His secretary waved her back.
She glided into his office confident with the decision she had made months before.
He greets her warmly and takes her into his arms.
There was an ease between them. Something familiar.
That is what had drawn her into his bed in the first place.
The familiarity.
The security of their friendship.

She was hoping it was still there... the friendship, that is.

They talked "shop" ...avoiding what the topic she knew they both were thinking about.
It was nice to talk to him again.
Their friendship... seemed intact.
She thought maybe... just maybe it could go back to how it had always be.
Maybe he desired to be back to just a friendship as well.

She looked at the clock, it was getting late.
She stood to go and walked to the doorway.
He came around his desk and embraced her in a hug.
As they released, he leaned in for a kiss.
She turned and his lips landed on her cheek.
He gave her a look of surprise and she smirked.
"Well played." he replied jokingly.
The kiss had caught her off guard... being at his work, being in the open door way.
She hoped that no one saw it... or if any of the office staff had they would think it a friendly gesture and nothing more.
Maybe... he wasn't just interested in a friendship.
She walked away wondering what would hold in their future.

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