Friday, November 25, 2011

Things to be thankful for - Friday Confessional

I confess... that while everyone else in the school hates the 2 days before Thanksgiving, I love them!!  Every year I do a pilgrim simulation and I wish my kids would be that engaged all the time. (It's a lot of talking and a LOT of work... but it's worth it!)

I confess... when Colby came home on Monday and said he needed to be a pilgrim by tomorrow, I wasn't really happy...  But I am happy about how his outfit turned out.

I confess... that I'm excited that my brother and his wife are having a little boy because now they will have one of each...  But deep down I was hoping for another little girl. (Man... I love my niece!!)

I confess... it makes me a little sad when Sam asks "How soon are you gonna take us to dad's?" Just because his dad's house provides a dog, a fort, and video games.  My love and random fun can't compete.

I confess... that when I had a friend challenge me to grow my hair out at the end of the school year, I thought, Hey no biggie!" I mean I was cutting it about once every 3 weeks.  But it has taken a LOT longer to grow out than I thought!!  Here's some progression pics for ya from May to Nov:

I confess... I really want to put my tree up and be done with the mess but I know I should wait until the boys come back from their dad's.

I confess... being back out into the dating scene again (and not being in a relationship) sucks!  I forgot how much I don't care for meeting people who don't "know" me.

I confess... helping to counsel my brother through a fight with his new bride (this was their first holiday as a married couple) has taught me that maybe I do know a lot about relationships.

I confess... having a 2nd Thanksgiving with my bestie and people from school who didn't have anywhere else to go turned out better than I thought it would.


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  1. Oh my gosh he looks adorable. Good Job! Your hair is looking great! I love it all of the different ways.


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