Friday, November 4, 2011

Standing on my own two feet - Friday Confessionals


I confess... Too much sugar in the kids and not enough sleep in me has made for a long week.

I confess... that I haven't been falling asleep before 1 am most nights.

I confess... that even when I am in bed ready to sleep, my brain won't shut off.

I confess... that I know a little of this has to do with school... and a lot to do with where D.P. and I stand.

I confess... that I wish I was having Thanksgiving at my house because I have already heard of some teachers at school that don't have anywhere to go... and that is what I grew up knowing Thanksgiving was... taking in everyone.

I confess... seeing my family and friends with babies makes me want to have one.

I confess... I don't think I could take on a newborn right now.  I'm TOO tired!

I confess... that I stood up to my group at school.  I think everything I said fell on deaf ears, but I did it!!

I confess... my principal told me she knew I could do it and to "Stay Strong!"

I confess... I have had lots of people tell me that this week.

I confess... not having anyone to lean/rely on this year has made me more confident.

I confess... I have been teaching for 11 years... and some days I feel like a newbie.

I confess... that after standing up for myself this week, I don't feel so green.

I confess... I signed up for a student teacher.

I confess... I hope my principal sees me standing on my own two feet and gives me one!!


  1. Dawn,

    As a potential and hopeful future teacher I'd give my right arm to have you as a mentor.

    Hope you have a good weekend. x

  2. I have had to read your posts from the last week on my cell phone because we were without power for a WHOLE WEEK!!! no power for 7 days no cable and no internet for 9 days. AHHH stupid freak october snow storm. ANYwayy this is about you! I am glad you are feeling stronger but I understand how it feels not to have a "bestie" while teaching. Any student teacher would be lucky to have you !


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