Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kill 'em with kindness

So this evening, I start to make the boys' lunches for tomorrow.
I normally start by writing them a note telling them how much I love them.
A lot of times,  I will find a sticker and write a funny little note that goes with the sticker, just to make the boys smile.

So, as I'm doing this tonight, Colby says to me,  "Mom, could you not put notes in my lunch anymore."

I knew this day would come eventually.
A little piece in me died.
I thought for sure I could continue on for at least another year.

So I looked at Colby, smiled, and said, "Why?  Don't you like my notes?"

Without any warning, Colby burst into tears.
I so was not expecting that!!
I mean, Colby is a tender soul like me... but I didn't expect him to get upset over the notes like this... so I knew there was more to this.

After a few minutes of comforting him, I asked him what was up.
He told me that girl at lunch made fun of his notes every day.
My immediate reaction was momma bulldog!! - No body is gonna hurt my baby!!!
But I knew that would do no good.

I told him to sit away from her.
He couldn't... they have a seating order.

I asked if he could ignore her.
He had tried... but she always grabs his note out of his lunch without his permission.

So... then I suggested a different approach...
What if I wrote her a note? and put it where his note normally was?
(I didn't want to do it if Colby wasn't going to be okay with it.)

This peaked his interest.

I told him I could  write her "Dear A, Leave Colby alone or I will call your Momma!!"
I could write, "Dear A, I hope you have a great day!  Love, Colby's mom"

Colby started laughing.
"Why would you write 'Love', mom??"

I then told Colby that maybe this little girl did this because she was jealous... because she didn't have someone sending notes telling her that they loved her...

He agreed.
Sending the second note would be best.

I then told him that I would hide his note under all of his food so he could read it in private when she wasn't around.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow's lunch goes smoothly.

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