Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My heart is breaking.

I tell my students that once they are my student, they are always my student.
(I'm normally telling this to a former student who is misbehaving... but I regress...)

See... kids they have this sneaky little way of worming into your heart whether you know it or not.
And even when they grow up and move on... you still wonder... and worry about them.
Yeah... even the tough ones like I had last year.

So when my school counselor came to me today... my heart wasn't ready for bad news.
I couldn't have known that "one of mine" was getting ready to head down a scary road... okay, a different scary road than she was already on.

You see... one of my previous student's parents were finally busted for drugs.

Her and her siblings were picked up today to be sent off to foster homes.
We have been informed that they will not be placed together.
I know this isn't the first time this has happened in the world.
It's just the first time it has happened to one of mine.
...And I'm sad there's nothing I can do.

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  1. *Gulp* When we had our first home study visit and the inspector was looking at our home she said "oh you have two twin beds you know what that means, you can take a sibling group" My husband and I talked about it and talked about it and talked about it. We talked about it more when we went to the parenting classes. I don't think I could break up a sibling group but I don't know if I could take a sibling group either.


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