Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kindness!!!... because you never know the battles others are fighting

Colby had been having a girl pick on him in the lunch room.

I called him last night to find out what happened.

He told me that A stole his note like always... but to her surprise the note was for her.
She asked him if he had written the note.
"Nope. My mom did."

She told him that she loved it!
That her mom and dad had been having lots of problems lately.
That she was sad... and scared. 
Then she told him, "I love it when you spend the night at your mom's house!"

Yeah...  I think Colby's lunch is going to have an extra note in it for a while...

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  1. Dawn,

    That's so nice, you're the best! I think most wouldn't leap to the idea that this little girl was missing some security in her life and would be too intent upon protecting their own child.

    You have big heart.

    Hope you're week is going well!


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