Thursday, March 18, 2010

five plus five equals ten??

The boys and I had a wonderful day today. The sun was shining (finally) and we had a whole day planned ~ dentist, lunch play date at the outdoor McDonald's playland, and then the circus.

As we headed out the door to start our day, I remembered the five dollar bill I had stuffed in my jeans pocket. I quickly yanked it out with the intention of putting it in my purse.

"Oh no." I say disappointed.

Colby leans forward, "What? What was that?"

I hold up the two pieces of the five dollar bill.

"Hey! Now you have ten dollars, Mom!" Colby announces smiling.
"It doesn't work that way Son."
"What? What do you mean? Five plus Five equals Ten!"

Yeah...I only wish that was the way I could double my money.


  1. I tore a twenty...any chance he can come over and do the math for me?

    I clearly remember the first time I was able to "count" the money in my piggy bank and thought that 2 quarters equaled a dollar. I delighted in all of the things I was going to buy. And then I was informed by nefarious sources that 4 quarters equaled a dollar, not 2. The disappointment is still so fresh...

  2. I'm just impressed with the math!

  3. What a smart kid. Maybe he has a future in fiance?

  4. hahahah That is too funny!
    Happy SITS day :)


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