Sunday, June 1, 2008

SDC with no scenes - at least..none from me :)

I am happy to report that we (Spencer and his kids came up and went with the boys and me) went to Silver Dollar City yesterday and had a most enjoyable time...
I, of course, brought my own plastic bag :)
The kids had a great time: trying on funky hats!!!

Shooting water guns!

...and playing dead!

We did eventually make it to the Lost River. The person working at the Lost River (happened to be male this time) even gave me a smile and assisted us onto the boat. :) Guess... I shouldn't judge by one instance, huh?

I managed to stay almost completely dry on the Lost River (which is an amazing feat) UNTIL the last bend... where they have ADDED an extra "shot" of water. It hit me dead on and I was instantly drenched. Spencer said he wished there was video of it because he said I sucked all the surrounding air in. (because I was caught of guard completely!!!)

Still haven't managed to redeem that funnel cake certificate...just give me time. :)

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  1. Glad you had a better time. Plus, funnel cakes.....yummmmm.


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