Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All I want is a plastic bag...Is that TOO much to ask??? -OR- Funnel cakes solve EVERYTHING

Well, I guess I didn't post this blog right away because I wanted to make sure that I wasn't writing it because I was in the heat of the moment...Now, I guess, I figured I took the time to type it...why not post it, right???

We (my boys and I) went to Silver Dollar City (SDC) Saturday with my best friend, Erin. We had a great time! The weather was nice and DESPITE all the people that were there, we didn't really feel crowded. We purposefully had NOT ridden the Lost River until the end. (mainly because I didn't want to hear my children complain that they were cold and wet - lol)

So... we get to the entrance where there stands an employee and a "gumball-type" machine - you know one of those that you can buy chinsy little trinkets from. But this one instead sold plastic bags for 50 cents. I know...I know. Just another way for them to make money - but I thought, "Hey, I have paid $15 for a misting fan from Disney World - 50 cents for a bag of plastic is nothing!" That, and I don't want my camera to get wet. So, I put in my money...Yep, you guessed it - nothing. So, I tell the employee. "Oh!" She tells me. "Well, it's okay, just tell them when you get up front." "Wow, that was a simple fix. " I thought to myself. Yeah, let me tell you...things are NEVER that simple for me. So we continue to wait in line...for 40 minutes. FINALLY, we arrive to the front. Here we are with another employee and another "gumball-type" machine. I tell the guy what happened up front - I am completely prepared to pull out another 50 cents, but again I am surprised by his response. "Just tell the lady when you get on the boat and she will give you a bag." "Good." I think, "At least I won't waste another 50 cents."

Here is where my good luck ends...I help Sam on the boat while Erin and Colby are close behind. I say to the lady on the boat, "I need a plastic bag." "I don't have any." She replied. "Well, the last 2 employees that I talked to told me you would give me a bag." I, then, went on to try to explain EVERY step of the process that I had gone to to ensure I had a bag and that every attempt failed. Her response was, "Sit down or get out of the boat!" "Can I get 50 cent out and go buy one really fast?" (I know I must have sounded dense - but I just wanted a freakin' plastic bag!) "Not unless you plan to get back in line!" "No...I have already waited 40 minutes to ride." By this time, this employee was inches away from my face and yelling, "SIT DOWN OR GET OUT OF THE BOAT!" I got out of the boat and walked out of the gate.

I am not a violent person, but my blood was boiling by this time. So, as this employee walked by me again, I said, (calmly - I might add :) "You might want to tell that other employee over there (pointing to the 2nd person that told me I would be getting a bag) that you don't have any bags." "DID you NOT hear me??? I DON"T have any!!!" was her response. "Yes, I heard you." Now having to grit my teeth. "I just figured I would save someone else from having to go through what I just went through." "Whatever" she said, as she walked away from me.

The man that came towards me next(a manager?) must have seen the smoke coming out of my ears because he quickly asked, "Is there a problem here?" I repeat the whole situation AGAIN as he walks me outside. His solution - "Does your family like funnel cakes?" He asks with a smile. "Sure...Whatever." is my response. (I figure, by now, something is better than nothing... and I had been worn down by 40 minutes of waiting for a ride I didn't even get to ride.) He continued to explain that the "baggie machines" are new and they are still working out the kinks, as he writes out my free funnel cake certificate.

So... I guess what I want everyone to get out of this post is:
1. Bring your own plastic bag to SDC
2. Bring your fighting face to the Lost River
3. Be prepared to be offered a funnel cake from me the next time I see you are in a conflict - lol


  1. Sadly, Dawn is not even exaggerating. That is exactly what happened! And the snarley woman continued to mouth me AFTER Dawn and Sam got off the boat! Really? Did we look like people she should mess with? I think not. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten off to hold the bag so that Dawn and both kids could ride. I don't think so clearly in those situations! I have been going to SDC for many many years - I am glad to say that the cranky ride woman was the first bad experience I have had there.

  2. Hey Dawn,
    Welcome to the blogging world! You will really love it! Blogging was a great outlet for me two years ago when I was working at an incredibly slow job. I was surprised that I had anything to say at first, but it became very addictive! Now I have two blogs - one of cute kid pics and ancedotes, and another one just for my own random ramblings! ENJOY blogging!!
    Erin Sappington


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