Friday, July 18, 2014

Our mini vacation

This has a been a crazy busy summer!!
I love to take my boys and get away on vacations, but this just didn't seem like it was in the cards for us this year.
To start out, my a/c decided to give up its last leg.  I have been repairing it for the last 4 summers or so and it just couldn't make it any farther... so there goes a LOT of money!!

I'm taking classes for my masters this summer, so that has limited my time and then I am also tutoring 2 days as week.

All of this put together, is not a good 'get away' recipe...

But I just HAD to.
I needed to feel like I ACTUALLY experienced summer.

So, I rescheduled my tutoring and the boys and I left town for 3 days.

Colby got car sick on our way down (which has never happened before)...
Here is a pic just seconds before he puked on these stairs. LOL

To calm his stomach, we walked around for a while...  we turned the corner and I was sent back 20 years.  Yes, the last time I was here was in high school with my best friend, Erin.  We sat in this park and watched the eccentric locals - One I remember specifically was a high school boy dressed in a bright red long tailed marching band coat.

Erin and I also shopped in this store... Funny how some things don't change.

After Colby's stomach settled down, we got a quick bite to eat. (He's still a little green in this pic)

Then we headed out of town toward our cabin... 
This is the road that lead to it... the first sign of peacefulness and relaxation.

It had horseshoes for the boys to play.

An a HUGE yard, for baseball (of course)

And while they enjoyed themselves doing that... I enjoyed myself doing this.

We did find this little friend's home while we were out exploring.

Thankfully, he didn't live TOO close to us!

The first night we headed to the Great Passion Play.

I remember my mom bringing my brothers and I here when we were kids... 
So, it was nice to pass on this tradition to my boys.

The setting sun just added to it!!

Wednesday we headed into town.  
Colby had mentioned this 100' lookout tower several times and asked if we could stop.
Needless to say, Sam with his fear of heights was not exactly thrilled.

However, I was happy that the sign said it was FREE that day!

Reluctantly, Sam climbed... and would NOT stand up. LOL

So, we had to pose squatting for Sam. LOL

Colby, on the other hand, was extremely happy to be up that high!

So pretty esp for a July day!

After we went up 3 times, THEN Sam decided to go up and stand up.
Notice where I took the picture from??  Yep. This Momma was too tired for a 4th trip.

 We had heard wonderful things about Ermilio's ... only to find it closed for lunch.
What a blessing in disguise!  Because it was closed, we stumbled upon Oscar's Cafe.
It turned out to be our favorite thing all week.
I had the peach, brie, prosciutto salad. Delicious!

Sam tried out the waffle with sour cream and jam.

Colby had the chicken cranberry salad.

We then headed to the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue.
We saw lions...

...and tigers...

  ...and bears. OH MY!
Actually this bear I think wanted to eat Sam.  He would huff and anytime Sam would turn away from him, he would charge the fence.  It was funny and scary all in one!!

Look at these scary creatures!!

That evening we did do back to Ermilio's for dinner...
... but what is a vacation without s'mores??
So we built a quick fire and made some.

The next day, we got up and hiked along the Beaver Lake.

Our hike was quick because it started to look like rain.

Colby bought this walking stick at the wildlife refuge.  He had to include it in our picture. LOL

We got a quick bite before leaving town.  This sign seemed appropriate for our mini vaca. 

Our last stop on our way home was Onxy Cave.

It was a self guided audio tour.

 It was interesting to be the only ones down there.

Any time I get to spend with my boys is a good time though!!!

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