Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Girls Weekend 2014

This is the first Girls' Weekend without Kel M.
I wasn't sure how it was going to go.
In fact, right before we left, I was willing to back out.

We decided to go to Eureka Springs (even though the boys and I had just been there)... Kel M. had always mentioned wanting to go there and it just had never happened.

We stayed at the Pointe West Motel on Beaver Lake.  Even though the rooms were nothing to call home about, we got to witness this daily.

Our girls' weekend normally consist of us sitting by the pool. napping, and then going out on the town.  Again, I wasn't sure how things would be...

So we started out with what we knew... the pool.

And, of course, laughter ensued... 
I'm pretty sure the hammock sank ALL the way to the ground!! 

But that has never stopped us.

We laid out by the pool and napped the afternoon away.

By the time we were ready to head into town, the sun was setting again.

We didn't realize that Eureka was a town that went to bed early (unless it is the weekend).

So we found ONE store open.

We were just being casual browsers, 
when the sales manager came and asked if we needed help...
...Or some pie.
We picked pie.
Seriously... He gave us pie!! LOL

We then hung out with him for the next hour.
(Kel M. would have loved that!!)

The next day we went for pizza and massages.

That night we headed out on the town to celebrate our friend Kel.
We cheers to her life and her laughter and our friendship and our loss.

And somehow, with puffy eyes and tear stains...
I guess I still have it...
Cause on our way out, a guy stopped me and asked where we were going...
because he had shots in hand that he had just bought us...
and he said, "Because you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

Yep.  Kel would be proud that I haven't lost my touch 
of getting the whole group a free drink without even trying. ;)

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