Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In my corner

My parents divorced when I was 7.
My father was an abusive man to my mother.
I grew up believing in strong women and not needing a man in my corner.

I married not having the self confidence of a pre-pubescent girl and I tried to believe that the man I had (slowly, begrudgingly, completely) fallen for would be in my corner. But, in the end, he was not.  He had his own and followed it out of our marriage.

So here I am many years later...
Fearful to give my all to any man because I don't see them ever being fully in my corner.

...There is this one man...

This man is the father mine was not.
This man thanked God for sending him a second child (me) in the form of a high school student.
This man stood firm to try to help me save my marriage and then stood beside me when I said it couldn't be.
This man was at the birth of both of my children and has quietly let his presence be known as their Papa.
This man has listened to my struggles and has offered support time and time again.

But best of all...
I know he is in my corner.


  1. Always here for you and the boys. We love you!

  2. Sweetest post ever. I know that man!


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