Saturday, October 22, 2011

When the student surpasses the teacher... it's a wake up call

I had a wonderful weekend!
DP and I went for a hike and saw all the trees changing colors

But the thing that made this the best weekend is that Colby and I ran our first 5k together!!
Now, let me tell you that when I was running all the time during the summer, Colby trained with me.
Then school started.
I stopped running... not intentionally, mind you.
I just got busy with the rest of life.
So, my times of running turned from every other day to twice a week... to once a week... and then to not at all.
Friends of mine were hosting this 5k.
I told them I would run in it so Colby and their son could run it as well.
No one told me that lack of running + two 8 year olds undying energy = me coming in 4 minutes behind my son.
Colby beat me.
I knew it would happen one day... just didn't know that day would be so soon!

I'm SO proud of him!!

Next goal... to keep up with him... and maybe surpass him. ;)

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