Saturday, October 29, 2011

The dynamics of a friendship

Why are people brought into our lives?
What makes them stick around?

These are questions that swirl through my brain on a regular basis.
I'm always analyzing and reanalyzing (and over-analyzing) the people in my life.

I look back and think, "huh... Thank God they were here.  I really needed that today."
and I really think that's it.

God sends people into our lives when we really need them.

I have a friend who I maybe touch base with once every few months.  Our lives used to be connected because of work and now they aren't.  We got together and went for a walk the other day.  I told them about all the craziness of my life.  They listened... like they always do.

I then asked about their spouse who is sick.  All the tests have came back negative and they don't have any answers.  It's not a subject that we normally go into depth on because there are just so many unanswered questions. I let them voice their fears.  We were just talking and walking.  The conversation moved onto the beauty of the fall trees and work and kids.

Afterwards, I thought how wonderful it was to get their insight on the things that are stressing me they always seem to have a different way of viewing a situation and how I really needed that advice right now..

Today I got a phone call... them thanking me.. for creating some time where they didn't have to think about the illness and the unknowns.

I told them... I didn't know I was doing that... I was just talking and walking.
But I guess that's what good friends are all about... knowing how to help ... just by being there.

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