Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sign of the Times

Spencer and I headed to the mall today.
I was finally feeling the holiday shopping spirit.
I walked into Charlotte Rouse and immediately saw a coat that I just knew I had to have (You know Santa needs to have presents for me too!). The ticket read $38.95.
The sign on the rack read $24.95.
Needless to say I was tickled pink!
After I tried on several, I picked one and headed to the register.
The cashier scanned it in. It came up as $38.95.
"Oh." I said. "isn't that one on sale?"
The young cashier politely said, "Yes, it just won't show that way until I hit enter."

She hit enter.

She looked over to the rounder where I had gotten the jacket. "It does say $24.95, doesn't it?"
So she calls on her little headset to the manager. The manager obviously tells her it says '$24.95 and up' because she replies, "I see the $24.95, but I don't see the 'and up'."

The manager storms out of the back room, yanks the sign off the top of the rack, flips it over, and shoves it in my face. Pointing the the 'and up' that (I kid you not) was in a font of about 18pt.

I politely say, "Well that is very misleading considering the 'and up' was not on the side of the rack that this jacket was on. It just said $24.95."
The manager looks at me and says, "It's priced as marked!"
"Then I don't want it." I said, walking away.

Did I mention how much I loved that jacket when I walked in? Customer service is a huge deal~Had the manager been polite about the whole sign ordeal, I probably would have still bought it, but I refuse to be treated rudely.

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  1. What a whore bag! Do I need to come down there and kick some ass?

    I would have done the same thing. There's no need for that attitude.


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