Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As seen on TV

It is a good thing my 6 year old is NOT in charge of the household finances because we would be broke!

This has nothing to do with needing to teach my child the value of a dollar...no he hears it come out of my mouth plenty, "No, we can't afford that." or "Sorry, Mom's pinching pennies right now."

This has to do with the incessant amount of infomercials on between cartoons!

I mean, my son is completely convinced that he, himself, can NO longer dispense his own toothpaste, that he must have a gadget attached to our bathroom wall to do it for him.
Kids might love it... but this mom has told her children that she already has toothpaste all over her bathroom counter and inside the sink, that she will pass on it being on the bathroom walls as well.

Also, my son believes I need the 'Perfect Brownie Bake Pan' because, "Mom, it cuts them perfect every time." Yeah...'cause brownies will never get eaten in this house if they aren't perfectly cut. (Wiping evidence of a crookedly cut ~with a fork *gasp*~ brownie from the corners of my mouth)

If my son was allowed to purchase all of these things we just have to have I would be one buff Momma never having to do another sit up, while sitting wrapped in my Snuggie eating the perfect brownie while growing tomatoes upside down....ahh...the joy insanity!

Last night... it was for some website where children can log-on to play with a virtual animal in a virtual world. Repeatedly he kept saying to me, "But Mom, a HUNDRED people are already on !"

Let's not make it a hundred and one...

The author does not endorse nor promote any of the above mentioned and/or pictured items. Nor does she want to hear from her son about how much she needs any of these items because they would make her life so much easier. I'm just saying...


  1. That's just funny. And sad. But still funny.

  2. Girlfriend wants one of those damn toothpaste things too!

    The power of advertising is scary.

    Break me off a piece of that power.


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