Tuesday, December 29, 2009

keeping it clean

I walked into Spencer's bathroom. A wonderful smell of refreshing clean soap hits my nostrils. "What kind of soap is that? It smells SOOO good!" Before he could answer I said, "Oh...Dial..."

Let me explain...

As a kid, did you ever get into trouble for saying bad words? and get your mouth washed out for it? too.

Except, I wasn't saying the real naughty words - cuss words - mother didn't allow me to get that far. My mom washed our mouths out for words that could mean other things like: gosh (God), jeez (Jesus), or butt (ass).

By the time I was 12 or so, I can't tell you how many times I had had my mouth washed with Dial soap. much that I had kinda acquired a taste for it. (I know...weird, right?)
And that is when I screwed up the good thing I had going...after saying another "bad" word, I made the mistake of saying to my mom, "Go ahead, wash my mouth out! I actually like the taste of Dial soap."

My mother promptly threw down the bar of Dial soap and picked up the liquid dish soap. "Stick out your tongue!" Giving my mother attitude, I stuck out my tongue...How bad could it be?

A shiver runs up my spine still to this day. Liquid soap does not come off your tongue no matter how much liquid you gulp down and sputter out!!

So for all of my friends out there that make fun of me when something goes wrong and I shout out: "By howdy!" or "Oh golly!" or "For Pete's sake!" or "Oh my goodness!" there is an honest reason for it.

...and I promise not to cuss just to see if you keep Dial soap in your bathroom. lol.


  1. Didn't your mom used to say something about monkeys? In place of an oh darn? I can't remember what it was though! I never got soap, but the popular Ga! was not a good idea at my house.

  2. Shnikes! Kindly keep your mama away from me bloggy digs. I am terrified of what she would do to my, er, fingers. *Gulps*

  3. hmmm...liquid soap, you say? I think I might tuck that one away in my arsenal.


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