Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My mom

Tomorrow would have been my mom's 68th birthday.

My mother was an amazing woman! I'm sure most people will say this about their mom, but when I say it, it's true.

My mother was in abusive marriage with 3 kids under the age of 3. When my mom decided to finally leave my dad, she found out she was pregnant with my youngest brother, Nick. She stuck it out until after Nicholas was born. Beaten and bruised, she would get up every morning to go to work to ensure there was money to put food on the table.

Being a single mother of four, my mom chose to swallow her pride and move back home to Missouri to live and take care of my grandmother (her mom). The six of us lived in a two bedroom house. The saving grace was that the house had a basement.

My mom bought old dolls from garage sales. Taking doll wigs and clothes she had sewn for them, she made it so I would have a "new" doll for my birthday.

Even when we had nothing, my mom would do something crazy just to make us laugh. She knew how to make the most mundane thing exciting. I laugh now when I catch myself doing some of her "tricks."

Oh, how I miss her...


  1. This post made me teary-eyed. Thank you for sharing pieces of a lovely woman. (And what a beautiful photograph.)

  2. Your Mom rocks. There is a special place in my heart for single Moms :)

  3. There's no way to describe your mom in a way that someone who didn't know her would understand. You just had to know her. She was an amazing woman. And she raised another amazing woman.

  4. I miss her so much. The mood always rose when she entered a room. She was quick to make fun of herself, and was a joy to be around. Every family get-together makes me wonder what it would be like if Vera were there. And, I feel like I could have learned so much from her as a mom. She was a very strong woman, and I always admired her. I know that this is your blog, but I just couldn't write only one sentence as a response.


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