Friday, October 23, 2009

Just like that

Yesterday at lunch we were talking about death and dieing. Not in a morbid way, but in a "Will you have everything ready?" sort of way.

I know I don't.
I know I should...but I don't.

If something happened to me, I know my ex would keep my boys, but financially things are not spelled out. I don't have anywhere about where I would want to be buried, or expectations of my things.

I know I should get a will drawn up... and soon!

My mom had everything exactly laid out. When she died, there were no questions by us kids. No decisions we had to make. No financial burdens.

Driving home last night, I hit a part in the road that for some reason is always overly slick when it rains. I knew it would be then, as well, so I slowed down as I came up on it.

I hit it just right though and I started to slide. I tried to correct as my car swerved sideways. Prayers repeatedly rolled out of my mouth for help and guidance. I finally came to a screeching halt facing the opposite way in the opposite lane.

Shaken, I was thankful that I hadn't lost control as there is quite a drop off on either side. That's when those *Onstar commercials don't seem so silly. My cell phone was nowhere to be found, as it had slid off my lap as I spun.

After I got off the road, I sat there trying to regain the confidence to drive back over that same spot again. I thought of how I don't have things ready. How I need to have things ready.

Because...just like that...those decisions might have to be made.

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