Monday, January 19, 2009

The Straw that broke the Camel's back

I lost it today.
and...I had been having such a great day too!
I met up with my ex to give him insurance cards. We sat there and talked - talked like normal people, about normal stuff. No fighting. No yelling. Just talked.

Then he mentioned something that I wrote here on this blog. Now...I know my ex. He doesn't follow blogs. He doesn't Facebook or Myspace. And as I mentioned in a few posts back, someone is not minding their own business.
Well, today I gained new info from him. That this person has gone as far as to call him up to tell him my business, not once, but several times!
I am NOT stupid. I never have been. I considered password protecting my blog. I might still.
I just find it disheartening that I should have to .
Just know if it is you... you are showing how immature you are... and not only do I realize it, but my ex does too!

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  1. We call that tattling where I come from. Telling on someone for the pure purpose of getting her in trouble.

    Oh, and to the tattltale: Jealous, much?


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