Monday, July 7, 2008

Pogueland Pics

Here are the pics I promised from our weekend at Pogueland!!!

This is what we were greeted with first off - a black widow spider - I love nature. I love nature... Okay... I don't love this kind of nature!!! The kids didn't seem to mind though.

Anyone for chopping some wood?? The guys took this duty on - thank goodness!!!

We had an AWESOME dinner of pork steaks (or hot dogs), corn on the cob,

and who could forget the s'mores!!!

After dinner, the kids had fun swinging in the tree swing.

It was Fourth of July, so we of course had to enjoy some fun and some fireworks! Jean provided us with these lovely decorations - Thank goodness she bought them on sale last year!! I had the "priviledge" of putting them together.

Michelle provided everyone with glowing bracelets, "So we could find our loved ones in the dark." She even color-coordinated families. She's so good! :) (Our color was green!)

Then it was time to head down the hill to enjoy the fireworks!! I think the adults had more fun than the kids did - but it was TOO dark to get pics of the adults :)

***More pics to come****

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