Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My newest position

Okay...I'm giving up on men. Okay, maybe not men altogether ;) but on the idea of me needing a man. In an earlier post I mentioned a friend giving me advice on dating. Well, her advice worked...kinda. I got dates, but not with the type of man, I guess, I would call my ideal. In fact, I found needy men (a call or text every hour - it made me dread owning my cell phone that I dearly love!) Men that wanted me to be their whole life. I'm sorry, but I'm doing well to keep my head afloat in my life, much less try to maintain yours also!!

I also took her advice on "Allow yourself to be taken care of." ~ Yeah... pretty much hated it!!! I always was feeling guilty that I wasn't contributing in any way and that I ultimately owed him. Yeah...I would much rather pay for my own meal than have that "guilt" on my mind. (Guess my momma raised an independent girl :)

So I have come to the conclusion that when it happens, it happens. And until it does...Anyone want to go out Friday night??? I'm a pretty fun date!! LOL

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