Sunday, July 27, 2008

dogs smell fear. men smell independence

Okay, so remember me shunning off men?? Well, I think it is like fear and dogs - they can smell it! I think men can smell a woman out to be independent and void of them!

A week ago Friday, my friend, Laura calls - we're supposed to do lunch. She says that she is sorry but she is leaving out of town earlier than she expects. I'm fine with it - I tell her my plot in be done with men for a while. We reschedule for Wednesday.

Friday night...I get a call from "Laser" (not his real name - he sells medical lasers for a living - I have to laugh though because every time I say this, in my head, I am hearing "fricken laaaaser" from Austin Powers.) I digress...
So anyways... Laser calls to ask if I want to go out to dinner with him on Tuesday night when he is down. Now, mind you, Laser and I reconnected like two months back. (We went to the same high school but we didn't "know" each other back then.) At the time of this reconnection, we both had just finalized our divorces. He lives 4 hours away, but said he came my direction frequently with work. I told him that we would have to go out when he did come down. (I guess, in my brain, 2 months does not equal frequently - again... I digress) So... I guess after about a month and a half, I decided that Laser and I would not be going out. So I was surprised by his phone call. Again... I tell you men can smell it!!!

Tuesday night... Set up for the babysitter to be here at 5 pm. (Laser and I hadn't set up a time we were going to meet when we talked - stupid, I know! Who sets up a date and doesn't ask what time??) Then got a text asking if 7 pm would be okay for dinner. "Sure." I quickly call my babysitter and tell her NOT to rush here from her job. I slowly finish getting ready after the babysitter arrives and then head to my friend, Rachel's house... to kill some more time. I arrive to meet Laser shortly before 7. We go and eat at Ocean Zen. It was a nice date and we had good conversation.
The only lull was when I looked up from a bite and saw him just staring at me. Raising my eyebrows, I said "What?" (Thinking...Please don't let there be something hanging out of my nose.) He responded with, "You are just prettier than I expected."
"Thank you...I guess." (I have been going through some training by friends to say thank you when there is no other good response ;)
The "I guess" threw him because then he retracted to say, "I mean, not to say you aren't pretty in your pictures, you're just much prettier in person." "Thank you...again." I said. (See...I'm learning.)
The one thing (looking back now) makes me laugh is that he said that he wouldn't be rushing to get married again because he had just gotten his MoJo back (and his fricken laaaser! - I know, I know TOO much Austin Powers)

So, heading home I get a call from (oh... what's a good name - I guess I'll call him Sawyer - for Arkansawyer) Sawyer. He is the guy that I dated a few months back that I have remained friends with. He has recently accepted a job in Texas. We had been trying to set up a time to see each other before he left. All times fell through. He had called to ask how my date went. After talking for an hour, I found out that he would most likely be leaving before week's end. I told him I was coming to see him! "Bring it on!" he said.

Wednesday morning... I go pick up the boys and make plans for Robbie to have them back in a few hours. Then I call Laura. I explain to her what is all going on and that we would have to reschedule again. She is fine with it, but adds, "I just talked to you less than a week ago. What happened to you being done with men?" All I could do is laugh!

I'm telling can smell it!!!!!!


  1. I cannot stop laughing about the "frikken laaaser." Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

  2. Oops. Pardon my spelling of fricken. My bad.

  3. I know!!! Imagine what I have to go through when I have to say it out loud! The snorts and snickers are muffled... normally.


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