Sunday, July 20, 2008

M & M's on a whole new level

The boys and I went back to my hometown for a family get together last night. Beforehand, we were at my brother's house and a M&M Ice cream bar commercial came on TV. Due to Tivo, we (me, my 2 boys, my brother, and his wife) ended up watching it 3 times(thanks to Colby). Watch it now and then I'll finish my story.

Okay so after watching it 3 times, we (myself, my brother, and my sister-in-law) laughed about the commercial, talked about what they would imply the M stood for next, and then went on with life. Later last night, I gave the boys their bath. Sam got out and said, "BRRrrrr, Mom, I'm cold." Colby replied, "That's called shrinkage." (You can laugh...but only because he is not your child!)
Now even though my son had no idea what he was referencing to - he took the gist of the commercial and applied it to real life. I promptly had to say, "That's a grown up joke, you aren't allowed to say it!"

I thought maybe this was the extent of the M&M's hint at sexuality until I found these two videos. (the second is NOT in English, but it doesn't need to be) I guess these two are currently playing in the UK - There is NO question that Mars Company has figured out sex sells!

Forget about melting in your hands....

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