Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When all you need is a good place to cry

I have tried my hardest to find the positives in my brother and his wife living in my house for the past 8 months.  Most days I do pretty good.

But today... today I got news that just made me want to cry. Literally sit down and bawl my eyes out.
I had been promised by my principal that I would get to move out of the hall where the mean girls reside. And, even though, I have made myself "be okay" with it for the past 7 years, just knowing that this would be the last year made my heart skip a beat.  Well... tonight she let me know it wasn't going to be able to happen.  She knows my situation and how I feel... just the higher ups made a decision that she didn't have control over.

So, I just needed to come home and be by myself... and cry it out.

But the thing is... when you have extra people living in your house, you can't have that gut wrenching cry that you some times need to have.  You can't have the dark and the silence with nothing but your thoughts that an empty house can provide.

You just can't.


  1. Hello stranger, I'm so sorry Dawn, I really am. A big hug for you x

  2. I haven't checked the blog in awhile and totally missed your April 1st post. So sorry. I know what a blow that news must have been. Love you!


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