Sunday, April 13, 2014

Casualty of war

I realize that Facebook is not a war area...
But I do know that I am VERY much a people pleaser.

I don't like it when I know people don't like me... it makes me feel very uncomfortable.
In fact, I will pretty much do anything to get that person to like me... OR avoid them at all costs.

Facebook has put a new spin on "friendships" for me.
You see... I know that people "unfriend" people for MANY different reasons... I get that.

But I have recently become "a casualty of war" when it comes to FB friends...
I have become unfriended because friends of mine are fighting with other friends of mine.
To ensure they son't have ANY contact with that other person OR because they think I will take the other person's side, they have unfriended me.

I really feel like this is middle-schoolish!
I try not to take it personally and let it roll off my back... but I really hate the fact that there are previous friends out there that haven't let me say my piece. :/

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  1. I was thinking high school, but you're right - middle school!


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