Monday, April 7, 2014

Mother/Son date

It wasn't planned... But Colby and I found ourselves home together tonight.
(Sam decided to spend some time with his dad... since I had been hogging him since the accident.)

Colby is in fifth grade.
In my eyes, that is still too young to date... but it is never too early to learn.

So... tonight he and I went on a date.
I told/taught him all the things that I wish someone would have told me at a young age to expect from a young gentleman. (I honestly don't remember my mom talking about dating... I think she thought if she didn't talk about it maybe it wouldn't happen... and it didn't... for a long time.  But when it did, I definitely didn't have high expectations - and that's NOT a good thing.)

So, we talked about how you pick her up and how you treat her parents.  We talked about what makes a fun date.  We talked about proper dinner etiquette.  We talked about respecting her parents' curfew time and when she should be home in reference to that.

And we talked about kissing.  Yep, kissing.  We talked about respecting people's bubbles and if, and only IF, a girl allows you into her bubble, do you kiss her.  And if she doesn't, then it wasn't the right time, or maybe not the right person.  We talked about how it's okay if it takes time to be allowed into that bubble... that a friendship turned into a relationship will more likely sustain.

At the end of the night, it was raining.  He held my hand until we got to the car.  He opened my door for me as I got in.  Once we were home, he thanked me for going on a date with him.

I think we have a good start... Not that I plan to allow him to date any time soon. ;)

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