Sunday, April 6, 2014

God has a way of putting things in perspective

On Tuesday, I came home and bawled my eyes out.
I felt like the year I was planning for next school year had been ripped out from under me.

Then on Thursday, my son, Sam, got hit by a baseball while he was up to bat. The injury caused a 4 cm tear in  his spleen.
He has spent the last several days in the hospital being monitored... while I (along with many of our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, teammates, classmates, etc.) prayed.... and prayed ... and prayed some more.

You see... Other things in the world don't seem to matter when the words "Bleeding internally" are thrown into your vocabulary.

So... Sleep deprived that I am, I want to you all know that I do know the little things (like job assignments) don't matter... and the big things (like the well-being of your children) do.

...Hug the ones that are close to you a little tighter tonight; for you never know what tomorrow will bring.


  1. So glad he didn't have to have surgery! But I don't know how you're going to keep that boy inactive for 3 months. David suggested he come hang out with us - we are pretty inactive and would set a great example. ;)

  2. Hang in there. Long time reader but lurker I guess you could say. I hope your son is doing much better


    1. Thank you! He is doing better. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment! It means a lot!

  3. It's times like this that I really wish I didn't live so far away, that way I could truly be there for you. I'm so sorry lovely:0( x


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