Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My 30 seconds of Fame - Day 2 - Show Me Music and Arts Fest

Day 2 started out with another AMAZING Fried Taco!! 
Serious... I don't normally get excited about food... but, man, these suckers are delish!!

As I'm sitting there, I get recognized.
Now, let me tell you... I'm a teacher... I get recognized ALL the time!
But this was different... I got recognized by a follower of this little ol' blog of mine.
Yep.  A follower from here recognized little ol' me out in public!

So, I want to give a shout out and tell you, "Thanks!!" cause it truly made my day!!
(I'm sorry that I didn't catch your name... You completely caught me off guard... but in a good way!! Please leave me a comment with your name so I can thank you properly.)

What this follower of mine didn't know is that she ignited the fire to an awesome day.

After she walked away( & I headed to the porta-potty), people swarmed my friend, Rachel, asking her, "Who is she?("because I did look familiar")... and What is her blog about??... Had I written a book??  Had something tragic happened to me??

Rachel just laughed. "No. no. She's not a celeb. She just writes about her life. You can ask her when she gets back."

I find this humorous because that is how drunk we all are with people who are famous in our eyes... we want to reach out and touch them, but don't feel like we can talk to them on a personal level. (Don't get me wrong... I am the same exact way.)

Anywho... back before these peeps found out I was nobody, one of the gals had "accidentally" spilled some of her drink on my foot "so she could talk to me." (Yes, we chuckled about it later when she knew I was nobody.)
I found out from her that she was drinking a Raspberry Vodka Lemonade.
I decided I had to try one!

If you have been following for a while, you might know that my bestie, Laura, had to teach me skillz (yes, with a Z) when I headed back out into the dating world.  

I used to pay for everything. 
Laura pays for nothing.  
She never has... and she is appalled by the fact that I did. 

So when I headed out to try one of those Lemonades, I really had intended to pay for my own (I have the ticket to prove it) but when I got into the beer tent, I went into "Laura" mode.

Let me back up...
First, you had to get a wristband to prove that you were of drinking age and buy a ticket for your drink.
Here is where I actually bought my ticket.
In that line, I met members of the Liz Moriondo band.
They were great guys and I chatted with them for a while.

Then I headed into the beer tent with them.
Now, remember, I have a ticket for a drink... 

I walk up to the bar... a guy there looks me up and down.
I ask him, "So you're gonna buy me a drink, right?" (Laura mode)
"Sure. But first you have to do a shot with me."
Duh.  Easy choice there... two for the price of one.

I walk away with Rachel's jaw on the ground.
"How?" was all she could say.
I laughed.
"I used to wonder the same thing" I told her smiling.

Then we headed down to put our chairs down.
Somehow I used the same method for our spot that I did for the drinks, but at the time, I didn't even realize it.
Rach and I put our chairs down and then decided to walk closer to see if we could find any other spots. 

We ended up right at the end of the catwalk.
Two guys were standing there... not sitting... standing. 
So Rach and I decided the area in front of them would be perfect.
We went and got our chairs and moved them.
Then I asked the guys if they would be so kind as to watch our stuff while we were gone.
Our new friend:

Later, I learned from one of the guys that they were dumbfounded...
they couldn't figure out how we just swooped in, took their spot, AND got them to watch OUR stuff.
Again, I just laughed.

I'm sure I broke some form of secret girl society code here... but I let him in on that is just what girls do sometimes... we flash our smiles, expect nothing than exactly what we want... and we get it.
He kinda pouted up after that conversation... yet, somehow, I got him to go and buy me another special lemonade later.

Skillz, I tell ya. 

We saw a LOT of great concerts!!
Rach and I really weren't interested in seeing Jesse James...

until Chris Daughtry walked out on stage!!!

Now THAT'S a guy I could go after!!
Hubba. Hubba!!
Next came Sawyer Brown

Then we saw Big & Rich/Gretchen Wilson/ Cowboy Troy/2 Ft Fred all together on stage


Big & Rich
Gretchen Wilson & Big
Cowboy Troy
2 Foot Fred

By nightfall, I had the full attention of one guy, M. (one of the guys that we took their spot)
We danced and talked.
Well... as much talking as you can do at a concert.
I guess you can say I just enjoyed a guy being close.

Don't worry... I had my wits about me the whole time.
We kept it strictly PG.
But he did aide in my next big excitement of the evening.

You see... I don't normally dance.
I have rhythm.
But I feel silly dancing in front of others.
Give me a little alcohol and you are more likely to see that rhythm actually leave my soul and enter into my body.

So here I am dancing with M.
Train comes on stage.
Pat Monahan asks for girls who want to come and dance on stage.
Normally, I would stand there and sway back and forth.
But tonight, with a little liquid courage ...and prodding and pointing from M., I got chosen to go on stage!!

We had to sing... and dance... and smile..
yeah... I got the smiling bit down

Yeah... I'm an OFFICIAL "Train"ette... Don't you think it suits me well??
Whew! Day 2!
I know. Crazy, right?
Just wait!!  Day 3 has even more craziness!!

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  1. It looks like you were having a ball Dawn, am very jealous! I've never been into festivals mainly because I'm only 5ft and people don't seem to respect my space and I get fed up of staring at people's back....but seeing how much fun you had, I think I might be about to change my mind!

    Question for you - was that Train as in Drops of Jupiter Train??? If it is that is one of my all time favourite songs - I belt it out at the top of my lungs;-)


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