Thursday, June 23, 2011

I can now die a happy woman - Day 3 Show Me Music and Arts Fest

Let me just start out by saying that I am normally NOT a lucky person.
Sure... I've got a great family and great friends... a roof over my head... food to eat... yada yada
But when it comes to "Luck" as in winning things, yeah... I lose every time.

So when I hear my local music station say they were going to give away backstage passes to see OneRepublic (my FAVORITE band)... I was like, "What do I have to do???"

Design a t-shirt.

For those of you that don't know it... I'm creative.
Rarely do I get to access that creativity though.

I completely felt up for the challenge!!
So Friday at summer school is "Fun Day" and we spend about an hour in the computer lab.
While the kids were playing games, I made my shirt design.

Here was my final product:

I didn't know what my chances were...
I mean there were thousands of people there... any of them could have already won my chance and I wouldn't even know it.

I didn't even get all the way up to the radio station's booth when I hear, "Cool Shirt!" and Robo (the radio station DJ), pulls out the backstage passes!!
I'm pretty sure I started hyperventilating.
"Is this your guest?" he asks pointing towards Rachel.
"YES!" she screams before the question even fully registers with my brain.

I'm pretty sure I summoned up some psycho cheerleading spirit because I know I had crazy spirit fingers going and I was kangaroo hopping all over the place. Yeah... I'm still without a full voice, so even though I was screaming no one heard it. (except for maybe a stray dog wandering by. lol)
Robo(radio DJ), Me, Rach, & Simon(another DJ)
He then said, "Be back here at 5:45."
"No Problem!!!"

We walked floated away from the radio booth.
I occasionally let out a shriek and clapped my hands.
It seemed like a crazy dream.
I really couldn't believe I was going to get to go backstage!!!!

Trust me... there was nothing that could have removed the smile plastered on my face!

We wandered around aimlessly for a bit... mainly because I was in such a daze.
Then we decided, to take FULL advantage of our awesome seats that we lucked into again!!

We watched:
Kelly Pickler

Joe Nichols

Little Big Town

About that time, we decided that if we were gonna eat before going backstage, we probably should.
Where did we eat you might ask??

Seriously... If you didn't know, you haven't been following the last couple of posts!!

Finally, it was time to head backstage.
Honestly, we did a whole lot of waiting.
When we were finally let in, we were told that we couldn't take pictures with our own cameras.
(Insert BIG frowning face here)
They did, however, have their photographer there and told us they would send us the pics in about a week. ( I will post them when I get them)

Since they wouldn't let us get pics, I did the only other thing I know a groupie should do... I asked the manager if I could get their autographs.
She asked if I had a pen.
I did not.
(Insert ANOTHER big frowning face)

Then the guy behind me said, "I have one, BUT I want it back before I get to them."
"Sure!!!  Thanks SOOOOOOOO much!!!!" I said beaming.

I told the band how I was their BIGGEST fan!
How THIS was a dream come true for me!!!
We took the pic and EACH member signed my shirt.

Rach got a signature from Ryan Tedder.
The guy behind us got one Ryan's signature as well.
Then the manager said, "No more signatures! Were running short on time!"

OMG!! I seriously couldn't believe that, not only did I get to go backstage and meet them, BUT I got one of ONLY 3 signatures!!!
Yeah... THIS is what dreams are made of.

They made us sneak out as quietly as we had gone in.
It was now showtime!!!
I introduce to you .....OneRepublic (Cheers! Screams! The Crowd goes wild!!)

It really took all of me to focus.
I was still in my fairy tale dreamland world.
But Ryan Tedder drew me back to reality...

He really has wonderful stage presence about him.

 I mean... seriously!!  The man is playing the keyboard without looking!!

Needless to say, I didn't want their portion of the show to end.

Next up was Tim McGraw... and even though he wasn't OneRepublic...

He wasn't bad to look at either...

I mean... check out that smile...

So there you have it... How to spend $99 and have the best weekend of your life!!

Should I recap it??
Yeah... I think I should!!
-Spend $99
-Get "recognized"
-Get free drinks
-Get 2 free t-shirts (yeah 2, One from Train and I caught one that was thrown from the stage.)
-Get pulled onstage.
-Get backstage passes to FAV band

Yep... I think I spent my money well on that one!!

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  1. So jealous! Sounds like a wonderful time. I need to do things like that and not be so turned off by the crowds.


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