Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend

I don't know about the rest of you...  but I had an AWESOME weekend!!!

Throughout the school year, weekends mainly consist of:
~cleaning house
~grading papers
~any unpleasant chore you can think of

But summer... summer weekends consist of:

~Staying up too late to play 'Minute to Win It'
Yes, Laura PROUDLY balanced 3 golf balls!!
~ Going zip-lining with my son
Ready to go!

Colby going down by himself!!

~Helping my niece celebrate turning ONE!!

She LOVED the cake!

Yeah... I'll take a summer weekend over a school weekend ANY day!!


  1. All this looks like so much fun! Even though I work year round summer weekends are just a little better non summer weekends.
    Enjoy your days our schools aren't done yet for the year!

  2. That is awesome. So happy for you. Great photos.
    That is the biggest cupcake I have ever seen.
    Missed u . I'm back !!!

  3. Look at that cake! That is the best 1 year old cake I've ever seen.

    (And I'm so jealous of the zip-lining. Yay for summer!)


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